r e m a i n s   o f   m e

Perception of time is a consequence of consciousness.
From up here, time is irrelevant.
Numeral systems to define continuum spacetime are irrelevant.

The expansion of this universe has just begun,
supermassive black holes radiating remains of previous universes & consciousnesses,
leaking all over my dimension, remains of you. 

Remains of me.

photographer x Pascal Dufresne




models x

Guillaume Jehu
Mack Stephenz
Tanguy Magné
Arielle Chartrand
Anne Tracey Bellance Lamothe
Nils Collin
Émile Demers
Isabelle Dion
Emmy Doody
Melissa Cavalière
Zoé Belisle Springer
Nicolas Côté
Marie Gagné
Alexis Doucet
Ryley Lapointe


photographer/videographer x Pascal Dufresne

art direction x Guillaum Chaigne 


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r e m a i n s   o f   m e