Montreal based fashion designer.

As long as I remember, I always had this passion for clothing, but always stayed out of the box. I started sewing when I was ten, discovering, trying things and hustling pieces of handmade clothing to family & friends. In 2008, I started my first brand, which I ran for more than seven years. In the meantime, I was also still developing my designer work, in order to eventually offer my customers an high-end fashioned streetwear. In January 2016, I had to make an hard decision about running both projects at the time. At this point, Guillaum Chaigne became the logical sequence. About now, I am mainly enjoying my art, always improving myself and create without giving myself any borders.

The way I create is pretty much inconsistant and that's what I like about it. My lookbook is about timeless capsules, based on feelings, emotions & inspirations. Plus, even though my lookbook guidelines are pretty much defined, I love to step out of it and create whatever comes out of my mind. Check my portfolio page out to see some of these pieces.

I invite you guys to stay updated by following me on my social medias, mainly Instagram & Facebook @guillaum.chaigne.

See you around. Cheers.